Be Prepared for Spring Flooding

Spring is here, bringing with it some much-needed warmer weather. However, that warmer weather can come with some danger too – spring flooding. Whether it’s caused by the rapid melting of snow or from an increase in rain, spring flooding can take homeowners by surprise and cause costly damage to property. Luckily, homeowners can avoid being caught off guard and take steps to reduce their chances of major spring flood damage.

Causes of Spring Flooding

There are a number of factors that can contribute to spring flooding, including:

  • Spring Thaw. Warmer temperatures can rapidly melt snowpacks, producing large amounts of runoff in a short period of time. In the early spring, the frozen or oversaturated land prevents the runoff from seeping into the ground. With nowhere to go, the snow melt may instead find its way into nearby homes and properties.
  • Spring Rain. Some areas may find themselves pummeled with heavy rains that can oversaturate the ground or overfill storm drains or bodies of water, causing flash floods and other severe flooding in the area.
  • Levee and Dam Malfunction. Levees and dams are designed to protect against a certain level of flooding, but over time they can weaken and fail, causing unexpected flooding.

Preparing for Spring Floods

  • Patch cracks and fix leaks. More often than not, water finds its way into homes through small cracks in the foundation, walls and ceilings that weren’t previously known about. Homeowners can easily purchase products that can seal any cracks or gaps, preventing unwanted water from entering the home.
  • Clear the roof, gutters and drains. Some roof leaks can be caused by snow and ice getting trapped under shingles and eaves and damaging the structure of the room. Removing ice and snow that has accumulated on the roof can help maintain the structural integrity. Homeowners should also inspect their gutters and make sure their drainage systems working well, and not blocked by debris.
  • Prepare for the worst case scenario. The goal is of course to prevent flooding to happen in the first place, but it’s also just as important to have a plan in place in the event flooding does occur. Make sure valuable property, family photos and heirlooms or important paperwork isn’t stored in an area that could easily be compromised, like a basement. Invest in a sump pump so that water can be removed quickly if needed, and ensure your flood insurance coverage is up-to-date.

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